Stand up for your rights

I believe that it’s important to stand up for your rights and other people’s rights. I therefore than up, speak up when hearing or reading discriminatory words.

man-921004_1920I have to admit that sometimes it is a struggle to sustain the rage when faced with strong hatred and disgust. It’s not easy to keeps one’s calm and not get overwhelmed by people’s bigotry.

To be hated simply because you were born a certain gender, race or sexual orientation is painful. To be accused of crimes, activity or behaviours you never did, because people’s beliefs are stronger than truth will shake anyone to their core. It’s difficult to argue and educate people who have already judge you and decided that your life isn’t worthy. It’s difficult to stand up to people who strip you and your family of basic human rights, who would celebrate your death.

I can’t understand how anyone would allow themselves to get to a point where they would actually treat a fellow human being like dirt and rejoice at their pain. Most of these beliefs are based on untruths and fear, which festers and turn to hatred.

How do we make people see that this is wrong? How do we make people understand that the key to peace and well-being is to embrace and support each other, instead of tearing each other apart?


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