Pockets are a handy

Pockets are a handy place to keep everyday implements.

In the 1790s, pockets were removed from women’s fashion because the pockets and their contents would ruin the line of the dress. This new fashion didn’t happen out of coincidence, it was planned this way. The idea was that fewer the things women could carry, the less freedom they had. Taking away their pockets limited women’s ability to navigate public space unaccompanied.

To this day, most clothing for men is made to be practical and most clothing for women is made to be pretty. Can we move beyond the 1790s? 

Fashion is still obsessed with slimming down women’s silhouettes and removing pockets to do so.

fashion-1845712_1920When we do find a pair of pants that had actual pockets in them, the opening to these pockets are sewn shut.

Most pairs of jeans have pockets, but they are smaller for women. You can’t put keys inside them.

“Men have pockets to keep things in, women for decoration.” – Christian Dior, 1954

It’s now the 21st century, and like me, most women are sick of this shit. We want pockets and wide enough to put things in them. I want summer dresses with pockets. Don’t tell me it’s not possible. I owned one and it’s my favourite.

When you look at the reason behind the lack of something as simple as pockets, what we are really asking for is equality. Start making women’s clothing practical.


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