Don’t leave the house without a smile!

girl-869213_1920Don’t leave the house without a smile! I was walking to work one day, with my white headphone in my ears lost in my own thoughts. I have a very fertile imagination and can often be found day dreaming. I was happy in my personal bubble. A man I didn’t know or had ever seen before pulled one of my headphones out of my ear and told me to smile. He said that I was too pretty to look so serious.

If you are a woman, you’ve probably been on the receiving end of comments like this one. I don’t think men ever get told by strangers to slap a grin on their face. Please let me know if this in incorrect and how it made you feel.

The guy in question didn’t get a smile. He was invading my personal space because he believe I owe him a smile or maybe he thought that by telling me I’m pretty he was automatically fixing what he viewed as a problem behind the serious smile.

Don’t tell people you don’t know to smile. You are a stranger. You have no more control over my smile than you do over my body. I don’t enjoy being told what to do any more than you do. You may want to sunder upon the fact that each passerby has a life as vivid and complex as your own and none of them are there for your personal enjoyment.


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