Initiation vs. Hazing

Initiation is defined as a rite of passage marking entrance or acceptance into a group or society. Hazing is defined as humiliating and sometimes dangerous initiation rituals.

The problem is that too often initiation turns into hazing. Many believe that humiliation is part of a normal initiation when in fact it falls under hazing.

shots-1892176_1920Hazing can happen at any age, joining a sports teams, to be part of the “in” group, in high school, in college, in university, etc.

At my university, there was an initiation week and if you didn’t go, they threaten to put your name on a “black list”. This means that anyone who did go to the initiation and passed wasn’t allowed to associate with you. I’m an introvert, so that is not really a problem for me. I was going to university to acquire an education, not to grow my social life.

There are a number of horror stories that have happened in the last decade of students dying because of hazing.

Many people are proud to have gone through hazing and be part of the “in” crowd. It seems to me that hazing is used as justification to do really nasty things to people. Hazing isn’t about promoting stress endurance or helping others learn how to cope with pain. Hazing is about dominance and superiority. Tolerating such behaviour means allowing it.

shame-652499_1920There are a number of horror stories that have happened in the last decade of students dying because of hazing.

Since 1970, there has been at least 1 hazing-related death on a college campus each year in the United States. 82% of these deaths involved alcohol. Hazing involving sexual abuse keep increasing since 1995.

  • Fraternity & Members face hundreds of charges in Hazing Death.

Lack of education and wisdom also contributes to this tradition. Did you know that paddling can cause kidney damage and blood clots?

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