Confidence is alluring

Self-acceptance is crucial to a happier life. It also leads to confidence.

Make your own choice. Run your own show. Do it your own way. Keep on, push past those boundaries, there is nothing we can’t do if they put the mind to it.

pink-hair-1450045_1920No one can make you behave according to social norms. Some may try to make you feel like you must be out of your mind. Being confident, being in control of your story does not make you insane.

Some people complain when we are complete individuals that we are too complicated. The truth is that they have you underrated. Some people tend to think that you have a feeling of superiority compared to the others when it is not at all the case. You just know what you want in life and do not turn around the bush.

What’s wrong with being confident?

The most alluring thing a woman can have is confidence.” – Beyonce

Doesn’t matter your sex, culture, age or race, confidence is the most universally acknowledge and shared turn on.



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