Top 10 Blog Articles (August 2017)

Revisiting the Top 10 blogs from August 2017:

1ST PLACEReview: The Worst Witch

“The Worst Witch is a British fantasy television series aimed towards families about a group of young witches at a witchcraft boarding school. The series is based on books by Jill Murphy.”

2ND PLACEMemories of Nice, France

“The first taxi driver at the beginning of the line waiting for tourist to arrive from the port was incredibly rude and condescending to us. Not a great first impression.”

3rd Place: Chronic Illness & Understanding

doctor-2346235_1920“I’m not okay. I never am. Only a few people really know me. The strong, confident person you see is all an act. I’m scared every day of what will happen next. What you see is me trying to appear as normal as possible…”

4th Place: Why I had breast reduction surgery

“Having breast reduction surgery was one of the best choices I’ve ever made.”

5th Place: Graves’ Disease & Hair Loss

“Hair loss is a very common symptom of Graves’ disease because hair growth depends on a healthy balance of hormones. This means that you will probably be losing hair no matter if you are in hyper or hypo thyroid mode.”

6th Place: Why blogging was right for me

“If you are working on something exciting that you really care about, you don’t have to be pushed. The vision pulls you.” – Steve Jobs.

7th Place: Women Persecution – A worldwide issue

“Violence against women is a worldwide issue. Rape culture is everywhere even in our own society. There is too much violence everywhere against women. In all countries.”


8th Place: Acknowledging Mistakes

“In a culture that pressures people to be perfect, it can be difficult to own up to a mistake.  The truth of the matter is that everyone makes mistakes.”

9th Place: Slavery isn’t a thing of the past

“There are more slaves in the world right now than were ever present in slave-owning America. According to Walk Free Foundation, there are over 45 million people around the world currently trapped in slavery.”

10th Place: When invisible illness isn’t so invisible

“Invisible illness is a daily struggle. Because it’s invisible, it’s often misunderstood and dismissed by people who don’t have the condition. I don’t know how many time, someone tells me that I look good so I must be healed. This couldn’t be further than the truth.”


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