Teach kids how to think for themselves

Schools are supposed to teach kids how to think for themselves, not what to think.

school-supplies-1606147_1280In French class, the kids were asked to read a text and answer questions regarding the short story. One of the questions, was: “What part of the story did you prefer?” My kid answered that she didn’t particularly appreciate this story and gave an example why. She got a failing mark for that question and the teacher asked her to correct her mistake. She even told my child what part of the story she was supposed to like the most. My kid argued that the question was about her personal opinion and all opinion should be good. The school refused to accept my child’s answer. In this instant, I feel that the school failed to teach my child how to think for herself, but was adamant about teaching what to think.

In Math class, they teach children a method to calculate a problem using a certain method, then the next year they have to forget what they learn and start over with a new method. In truth, all methods as long as they lead to the right answer are good. Again, we are teaching kids what to think, not how to think.


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