Stop trivializing sexual violence

Stop trivializing sexual violence. Why do we still have to educate media, justice system and the population about this?

  • Because the media and entertainment industry often trivialises and minimises its impact and often blame the victim. Sexual harassment is not only banalized, it is also rape and all sexual violence against women.
  • Because we have been taught that men are sexually insatiable beings, with impulses that are difficult to control, and that, alongside them, we must expect this kind of behaviour.
  • Because “it’s not harassment, you see, just a way to show interest.”

There’s a real problem in how we talk about consent, rape and sexual assault.

It’s absurd that it’s still necessary to create awareness campaigns to reveal to people the different faces of sexual harassment.

Too many still believe that sexual harassment and assault is permissible when victims put themselves in a “compromising situation”. Too many still believe that women who dress provocatively deserve to be harassed, that women who are in public places at night are asking to be harassed, that women who are out alone are asking to be harassed and that women like the attention when men harass them. Yet, these same people will argue that women have equality.

  • There are serious consequences.
  • There is no logical situation or explanation for what happens in an attack.
  • It’s not love, it’s control.

Rape is considered a “satisfactory and low-risk act”

Sexual harassment or/and assault is never okay. It really has to stop. How can we help?

  • By stopping to trivialise these gestures and these words.
  • By promoting promote equitable versions of manhood that do not include degrading women in the streets, to engaging with media outlets to include messages of positive masculinity founded on respect.
  • By considering the bodies of women as theirs and not as a public good.
  • By offering young people an egalitarian vision of sexuality and gender relations.
  • By teaching respect for others, regardless of gender.
  • By constantly recalling the notion of consent.

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