Pro-Life or Anti-Choice?

Pro-Life or Anti-Choice? A movement cannot be called pro-life if all they want is a child born, but not a child fed, educated or housed.

love-1833159_1920If the movement was really pro-life they would try to find solution to help foster care children who age out. They would spend as much time on awareness and advocacy for those children than spreading misinformed information about abortion.

They would adopt children who are in dire need of parents to take care of them. The need for good foster parents is overwhelming. Forcing women to carry the child to term will only make foster care need grow. If the movement was really pro-life they would care about all the children who are born that need love and proper care.

They would fight to help parents too poor to keep the child and make sure that every willing family had access to the resources they need to raise a healthy child. Many seem not to care at all about the children dying living in poverty dying on Canadian and United States streets every day.

They would fight louder against human trafficking and try to save every life child or adult that falls victims of that disgusting industry.

They would fight for accessibility to contraception so that children who are conceived are actually wanted. Many seem to forget that what they advocate for (forced gestation) is recognised as torture by the United Nations.

children-63175_1920They would support women’s health clinic so that pregnant women get the health care that they need.

They would help children in war zones and refugees seeking a safer haven for their families.

As it is, all I see are individual seeking to punish women for having sex. There is no one trying to punish men for doing the exact same thing. This is not pro-life, it’s anti-choice, it’s anti-women.There is a lot of people in this movement focus on shaming women for decisions they make, and I don’t agree with that way of thinking.

The fact that a woman’s body parts are even spoken about in political debates, shows that our society considers a woman’s body to be public property. Her womb is legislated upon so she has no control over what resides within it despite pregnancy being one of the biggest killers of women.


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