Review: The Bold Type

When the commercials for The Bold Type first hit television, the jokes were witty and feminist, which immediately caught my intrigue. Even my husband showed interest which a wonderful bonus. I expected this series to be a silly, guilty-pleasure show, but it turned out to be much more than that. It’s just fun and dishy, but it also turned out to be thoughtful and inspiring and could be something really special.

My husband and I listen to this television show together and we both love it. Each episode was well thought off, entertaining and yet spoke loudly about issues that I write about every day on my blog.┬áThe show tackles numerous subject that affects the business and personal world in today’s society in a matter that is witty and smart. They speak about subjects that matter, such as career, finance, immigration, breast cancer, orgasms, relationships, sexual orientation, social media, online harassment, racism, rape, etc.

I personally love the example of a great employer who pushes their employee to reach beyond what they believe is possible without disrespect or abuse of power.

I also love showing women as being supportive and proud of each others success and ready to help when one of them is in crisis.

“I expect you to unleash holy hell on anyone who tries to hold you back.” – Jacqueline Carlyle


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