Raising Daughters

Raising Daughters. As parents, the only thing we’ve ever wanted for our children is for them to live healthy, happy lives.

friends-687165_1920There are many jokes that fly around when you are parenting a daughter. Especially when that daughter is starting to date boys. You can find memes all over the internet about scaring boys away and locking our princesses in towers. As a society, we tend to forget that our daughters are individuals and have as many rights as our sons to make a personal decision about their bodies, lives, etc.

It is important that even though we gave birth to that child, children grow up and they aren’t our property. It is also very important to have open communication with our daughters and sons about a healthy relationship, safe sex practices and what they can do if they are ever in a bad situation.

As parents, we have to strive to have an open dialogue with our children about every subject. If your daughter fears you will react badly and scare away any boy she brings home, she simply won’t talk to you about him. Kids need to know we have their backs without going overboard or medieval over issues that are brought to the table.


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