You should be proud of that higher education

You should be proud of that higher education. It’s more common that people get a college and university degree for many reasons, such as necessity, affordability, etc. Just because more people are going to college and university, it doesn’t mean that it’s not an accomplishment to graduate and receive your diploma. You should be proud of your accomplishments, of all the hard work and that higher education.

graduation-2433485_1920The education system stopped being attractive to me as I was working on homework on the kitchen table and looked up to see my 5-year-old stepson doing the exact same thing. In that moment, I saw myself at his age and all the years I had been sitting there doing homework and I couldn’t imagine adding additional years. It was time for me to join the workforce.

You should always feel proud of all the hard work you put into anything you do. You should feel even prouder when your achievement is something to better your life. An education will do that.


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