Human Rights is the basis of humanity

I am always surprised when I come across individuals who aren’t human rights activists or actually don’t believe everyone should have access to these equal rights. To me, access to Human Rights is the basis of humanity.


I have heard it said often that Human Rights Activists have bleeding hearts. I don’t think that having humanity equals having bleeding hearts. I think that our current system of me, myself and I, have created generations of people who are disconnected, lost their compassion and would backstab anyone their care about to get ahead. If you disagree, then you may have one of those “bleeding hearts” after all.

Human Rights Activists aren’t fragile. They draw their strength in the protection of not only their own rights but those of others too. They undertake important advocacy work for the purpose of changing related policies and practices of influential governments both local and abroad. There is nothing more fierce than unconditional love for your fellow human being, regardless of class, gender, race or sexual orientation. They engage in media outreach and advocacy aimed at informing, publicizing and curtailing human rights violations. There is nothing more courageous than compassion and empathy.

If like so many of us, you are also frustrated by our justice system that constantly casts doubt on the credibility of victims of sexual assault with slut-shaming and sexism, but takes great care to place the abuser as a good nonculpable person in the eyes of the public, speak up. I know I’m not the only one who’s lost it hearing about all the injustice over the past year.

If you are frustrated that a racialized person who commits a hate crime is described as a horrible terrorist but that a white person committing exactly the same crime is described as being a solitary who has been intimidated in school and has committed a very small mini mistake, speak up.

If you are frustrated by some policemen and professionals who are abusing people in psychological distress because of lack of appropriate programs, training, awareness and support, speak up.

If you are frustrated by all these insults, the violent and unacceptable remarks which remain public under the guise of free speech, which are shared more and more frequently on all media platforms, by all those who promote ridiculous and oppressive norms, who place themselves above others by spitting out handfuls of prejudices, speak up.

If you are frustrated by all these countless times when transgender people are victims of hate crimes, are misgendered and oppressed for their view and identity, speak up.

If you are frustrated by a society that is not adapted for people affected by disabilities, developmental disorders, language and/or speech disorders and all of the discrimination they have to deal with on top of their own personal challenges, speak up.

If you are frustrated by this culture of degust that surrounds the female body, menstruation and body pilosity, menopause, and ageism, speak up.

The only way things are going to change is if the voices for reason and good are louder than the ones grown from fear, lack of education and hate.


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