No one is broken beyond repair

How many times have you felt broken beyond repair? If you had asked me a year ago, I would have told you I was broken beyond repair and have been broken for what felt like an eternity. If you are currently feeling like this, you are not alone and their is always hope even when we don’t feel it ourselves. I was broken for a long time.

girl-1718120_1920In the aftermath of abusive trauma, it’s easy to feel as though something essential has been ripped away from us that we can never get back. 

The truth is, the experience of abuse can take away certain parts of us, for a time: our capacity to feel romantic and/or sexual, our understanding of ourselves as good and joyful people, our ability to create intimacy and trust with others, to name a few. I couldn’t sleep, I was always hyper-vigilante, I saw danger everywhere I looked.  

Human beings are survivors. Given enough time, we can heal from anything.


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