Unsolicited Dick Pics

I find it quite shocking that so many people defend the guys sending the unsolicited dick pics to women.

using-device-1577035_1920They feel that it’s no big deal and that people should just ignore it and “get over it”. That advice doesn’t help at all. Doing nothing won’t stop anyone from sending unsolicited dick pics, which is honestly the equivalent of flashing someone on the street. The reality is that it probably will not stop until it’s addressed in this type of way. That “don’t make a fuss” or “don’t make a scene” attitude is what results in women getting trapped and then blamed for not stopping sexual harassment and assault. Why is it that we always expect women to just deal with it quietly? Why do so many people defend instead of demanding consequences for the jerks who do these things? 

The one in the wrong is the stranger exposing himself. Most people make it sounds like it’s a harmless wacky prank and that we simply don’t have a sense of humour. It’s not. It’s sexual harassment. Why put up with this nonsense?

The woman at the receiving end has every right to respond by making others aware of his inappropriate behaviour and make him stop. It is not about coming up with a clever way to get back at them. It about stopping sexual harassment. If they have a wife or girlfriend listed on their profile, they deserve to know that the man they love is sending pictures of himself to women.

mobile-1999918_1920If they have a wife or girlfriend listed on their profile, they deserve to know that the man they love is sending pictures of himself to women. I am married and I can tell you that I would want to know if my husband was doing this. If they are underage, their parents should know their kid is sending what is juvenile pornography to strangers over the internet. Again, as a mother and a stepmom, I would want to know.

I also found it quite shocking that people were offended that women share the pictures they received to family and friends of the offenders stating that sharing intimate pictures without consent is against the law. First of all, exposing yourself to women without their consent is unlawful. You also seem to miss the point that these men are sharing their own naked pictures without asking or getting consent. Don’t want pictures of your genitalia sent to your wife or mom, then don’t send them to strangers.

Some say women shouldn’t do anything about it, because it may lead to more violence directed at them. So men/guys can send whatever they want without consequence because holding them accountable might escalate to violence? “keep quiet, take it, be thankful because it could be worse.” Being a door mat never stopped violence from happening. This is definitely not the answer.



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