Why Late Term Abortions Exist

Why Late Term Abortions Exist? People who reluctantly say they’re okay with abortions but stipulate that they are against late term abortions are saying this because they are lacking information on why abortions are performed so late in the game.

It’s important to understand that no one spends 8 months being pregnant and then wakes up one day thinking “I change my mind, let’s kill it.”


Women getting late term abortions wanted the baby. They’ve already bonded with the fetus and can’t wait to hold the baby in their arms. They have already picked out cute baby outfits. They painted the nursery a cute pastel colour. They’ve made a list of names. They dreamt of this baby’s future. They would do anything to protect that baby.

The reason late term abortions happen is simply that it’s a necessity. It’s because the baby is not viable or because the mother’s life is at risk or both. If there was any other way at that point, trust me, everyone would choose for both the mother and child to live. Late term abortions are the most heartbreaking, painful decisions for families to make. Such a procedure wasn’t chosen lightly.  The fetus has to have a fatal defect and will not survive, or the mother has to be at risk of death herself.

It’s also important to understand that late term abortions are usually a cesarean section, a common and safe procedure by which about a third of women deliver their babies every year.

It’s also important to understand that late term abortions are extremely rare.

Spreading wrong information about late term abortions only serves to hurt these grieving parents. If pushed too far, laws are passed on misinformation and fear-mongering placing lives in danger.  No government should be stepping in to make this kind of decision.


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