Dealing with a judgmental pharmacist

Last year I was diagnosed with Graves Disease, Hyperthyroidism and Thyroid Cancer. My doctors also suspect I have another auto-immune illness that they have yet to identify. Since then there has a lot of prescriptions changes and adjustment and I’m still getting tested every month and my prescriptions are revised every time.

medications-257359_1920I was shocked to face a pharmacist who openly and loudly questioned all my medication and my medical illnesses and gave me a speech about prescription medicine addicts. First of all, if I am being followed by a family doctor, an endocrinologist and a rheumatologist, it’s probably because I’m sick. It may not be written on my face or show at first look, but as a pharmacist, you should know that there are plenty of “invisible” illnesses. He even added that it was a shame for a mother to behave that way.

Short to say, I’m no longer dealing with that pharmacy. I felt bad enough with my health being all in shambles and I was doing my best to get better and now everyone within hearing shot was looking at me like I was a drug addict.

Empathy is not something you can write a prescription for, but it should be a requirement of anyone going into the medical industry.

Have you meant with judgement over medication you have been taking?


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