Why do we have a “World Contraception Day”?

We need a “World Contraception Day” because to this day, most people don’t understand what they are used for or they don’t know all the options that are available to them. Others seem to think that contraception is a women’s issue, which it isn’t. There is contraception option for both men and women. Since it takes two to create a child or have safe sex, this is a relationship issue. In other words, we have a “World Contraception Day” because there is still a lot of awareness needed.


First and formal, contraception needs to be accessible to all women from the moment they have started their period regardless of the age. Taking contraception doesn’t mean that your child will have sex.

Many women use birth control not to avoid pregnancy but to deal with mind-numbing pain brought on by our periods. If they didn’t have birth control to regulate their cycle, they would not be able to go to work because the pain is almost at an intolerable level.

In Quebec, a girl can take the contraceptive pill without parental authorization from the age of 14. If she is younger, a parent needs to give consent. The motivation behind getting the contraceptive pill can be many and may not necessarily have to do with sex.

Many parents don’t like thinking of their children having a sex life. I personally had sex for the first time in college. My dad knew about it, but my mom still doesn’t know about that relationship. Later on, when I did meet someone I wanted to move in with, my mom’s first question, what were will you sleep? I’m moving in with my boyfriend, I think, we are passed the sleeping on the couch stage.

Even if you refuse that your daughter gets the contraception pill or other forms of contraception, do you really think it’s going to stop her from having sex if she’s decided she is ready?

Contraception needs to be available for both men and women. The responsibility should be placed solely on the shoulders of the woman. How many times have we heard about new birth control options for men? We’ll get excited when it actually comes to fruition.

Families use contraception to limit the size of their families in order to give their children the best lives they can offer on their limited budget. Families who have access to contraception are able to offer their children better education and a healthier, wealthier lifestyle.

When women are able to plan their pregnancies around their goals, they are able to finish their education, earn a better income and fully give a good life to the children they do give birth to.

“When a woman has the power to decide when to get pregnant, she has power over her future.” – Melinda Gates

There are plenty of benefits that come with having a sex life. For example, sex can reduce stress.

condom-1863436_1280They are working on an invisible condom for women and my first reaction was to wonder why the idea came to be. I’m wondering if it’s because many men complain that they do not want to use a condom and once again, the responsibility is placed on the woman to keep herself safe and if the “invisibility” is to make sure that men aren’t bothered by the idea of contraception. I’m asking myself that question after a discussion I had with a friend who is currently on the dating scene. She was surprised that my fiancé and I haven’t had any unprotected sex since we are together. She says most of the men she’s been with making a fuss about dropping the use of condoms early on in the relationship. I told her that I have never accepted that from any sexual relationship I had in the past and made it clear that not using a condom was a deal breaker for me and I meant it. Strangely enough, I have never had a problem.

All men need to be as responsible as women in reproductive choices, even though many obviously think it should be only the woman’s responsibility.


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