Human Trafficking – Why are minorities targeted?

Human Trafficking – Why are minorities targeted? How often do you see an Amber alert for a missing Native or any other minority?

children-82272_1920Human trafficking of women and girls is much easier when the world is unaware of the numbers of females who disappear. They will target Native and other minorities, because of the lack of attention their disappearance raises.

Too many, including authorities, assume that children of minorities are just runaways. It leads to less sympathy and media coverage.

The lack of media interest and the easy assumptions chills me to the bone. How can we look in the mirror and say that we are okay with placing different values on children based on their racial background? Would you be able to look directly into the eyes of their parents and tell them you’re okay with the lack of interest in searching and rescuing their missing child?

  • 25% of Canada’s Human Trafficking Victims are minors.
  • 47% of Canada’s Human Trafficking Victims are between the age of 18 and 24.

Eight people were found dead in a tractor-trailer outside a Walmart store in the stifling summer heat in what police called a horrific human trafficking case. This was first reported by the media as immigrants smuggling into the country when in fact it was the result of human trafficking.

Two Indian schoolgirls will be awarded national bravery awards for helping police bust a cross-border human trafficking racket, leading to the arrest of suspects in the cases of missing girls from both India and Nepal.


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