Science saves lives, not myths

Science saves lives, not myths. People who do not have a medical license should abstain from giving out medical advice. There is a growing distrust of science and medicine in favour of “natural”, “untested”, “alternative”. This attitude towards receiving treatment and gaining proper diagnosis cannot be tolerated. It is more hurtful and damaging than anything else.

People with depression need medication, not just a pair of running shoes and fresh air. People with asthma need inhalers, not breathing exercises and self-help books. People with diabetes need endocrinologist and insulin, not the latest diet trend.

Stop telling people with illnesses that going gluten-free diets or Omega3 will cure the incurable. If you have an intolerance or are missing specific vitamins, the doctors will diagnose it and prescribe the specific vitamins for you.

If you won’t listen to me, please listen to what Bill Nye has to say about alternative cures.

If you still hesitate, see this article where a wellness blogger admits to lying about having cancer and her natural cure. How many people believed in her story? How many people will die because they followed her advice?

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