Got an Amazon account?

Got an Amazon account? Be careful of phishing email scams.

If you receive this kind of email, please do not respond. These types of emails are phishing scams. It’s an attempt to obtain sensitive information from you such as usernames, passwords, credit card details, etc.

People are always surprised when I send warning about these types of scam. The truth is that there wouldn’t be so many of them if people didn’t fall for them.

There are several hints that this particular email isn’t on the up and up:

  1. The email address. No company would have such a fishy email.
  2. To who the email is sent. In this case, the email was sent to my company’s info email, which means it wasn’t aimed at anyone in particular.
  3. It doesn’t give my account number or any information that would help identify me.
  4. It only gives a link to contact them, no phone number, no address, no other options. Never click on the link. If you are uncertain, go to the Amazon website and log in to your account through the usual way.

Amazon Phishing.JPG

Amazon takes phishing and spoofing attempts on their customer very seriously and ask that you report the emails or web pages to


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