Top 10 Blog Articles (Sep. 2017)

Revisiting the Top 10 blogs from September 2017:

1ST PLACEUnsolicited Dick Pics

“I find it quite shocking that so many people defend the guys sending the unsolicited dick pics to women.”

2ND PLACEDisability & Discrimination

“I would like to take a moment to bring up the institutional discrimination in jobs and education that people with disabilities experience.”

3rd Place: The first electronic cigarettes related diseases are already manifesting

vape-2081227_1920“The electronic cigarette has grown dramatically in popularity in recent years. One of the main reason for its success is that the product was presented as a healthier alternative to regular cigarettes. It was another way of getting your daily dose of nicotine, without putting your life in danger.”

4th Place: Mental Health affects everyone

“Research estimates that 1 out of 5 people will experience mental illness in their lifetime. No one is immune. This is why having conversations about mental illness is so important.”

5th Place: Raising Daughters

“As parents, the only thing we’ve ever wanted for our children is for them to live healthy, happy lives.”

6th Place: Teachers can combat sexism

“Teachers have such a huge impact on their students’ lives. They have the ability and the responsibility to combat sexism.”

7th Place: Introverts & Birthday Wishes

“Most introverts are okay with quietly honouring our birthday on our own or with a group of friends we’ve carefully selected. We don’t have to let the world know, unfortunately, we don’t always get this wish.”


8th Place: Are tampons & pads safe?

tampon-495739_1920“For many women, tampons have become such an everyday thing, we may not even think about what we’re inserting in our bodies. This was certainly true when I was younger, but after becoming a mother and getting more information, I now want to know what I am introducing into my body or putting against my body in order to measure the risks I am taking.”

9th Place: Can we stop calling it ugly crying?

When did it become ugly to cry? Since when do we have to hide and ask for forgiveness for crying in an ugly way? When did we become this superficial?”

10th Place: Stop trivialising sexual violence

Why do we still have to educate media, justice system and the population about this?”


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