Idiots among us are proving why education matters

This is the second instalment of “Idiots Among Us – Why Education Matters“. It is a gathering of online comments that I simply couldn’t ignore. I just had to place them all together in one blog to show that the lack of understanding and education is a real problem.  These individuals are proving how much education matters and how much we are failing our children who grow up to be idiot adults.

I remember a time not so long ago when people used to be embarrassed to be dumb and saying something dumb. Now they celebrate it.

“Yeah the earth is flat and all you have been told is only a mind slave programming.” – Russian, Single Dad

The planet Earth isn’t flat. We have images of the earth from out of space. We have people who have travelled the world and no edge was ever found. The rest of the solar system isn’t flat. Too many are willing to believe anyone, even the most uneducated and liars. It’s discouraging.

“Women in power is the ruin of any civilisation. They just don’t have what it takes to defend its borders and culture” – Black American Single Man

This is just nonsense. Cultures run by women tend to be peaceful. Anytime generalisations are used about a gender, race, culture, etc., we are showing our lack of education.

Just look at how President Trump is looking to start a war without any regards for the lives that will be lost. I am ready to bet, none of his close ones will be fighting on the front. This is not what civilisation needs.

“One day, we will look back on this period of modern history, when scientific facts are ignored in favour of “gut feelings” and personal beliefs, with the same astonishment with which we view the superstitions that reigned in the Dark Ages.” – United Humanists

The worst part is we went there willingly. I know that many, like me, are horrified, speaking up, trying to do everything we can to counter this wave of stupidity that has taken over and I cross my fingers the world will regain it senses sooner than later.


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