Mother Earth & Women

There is a clear connection with the way we treat the earth and the way we treat women. Violence to the Mother is violence to all women….all people. I hope we learn this lesson soon.

beautiful-sound-1755964_1920Mother Earth gave birth to the human race, animals and plants. Land that feeds and took care of everyone was taken and divided through violence in the name of greed and power. The earth became an object, a possession to be bartered, sold, stolen, etc. Respect of the land was completely forgotten.

Each and every one of us came into this world through women. Women are fought over often through violence in the name of greed and power. Women have become objects, possessions to be claimed, sold, stolen, etc. Respect for women was completely forgotten.

Plundering of the land and raping women is accepted by mainstream society because neither one of them is of value to them. We need more laws to protect protecting women and the mother earth, but most importantly, we need to find a way to regain respect and value.

migrant-mother-1397009_1920The love of money and power is the root of all evil, meaning the people have a tendency to turn a blind hind to the damage done to the earth and women when they directly benefit from it. This is why we have so many people suffering in poverty, starving, being murdered, while 1% of the population live in wealth and comfort. This isn’t right. We are completely off balance and it’s killing the Mother Earth and the human race.

The planet is not just a resource and playground for the rich and well connected. Those that believe it is are part of the problem and not part of a solution!

The ground on which we stand is sacred ground. It is the blood of our ancestors. – Chief Plenty Coups, Crow


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