Tech Time: What’s a hard disk/drive?

The hard disk/drive is the brain of the computer. That is where all your files and programs reside.

There is numerous reason for a computer to die. It’s not always complete hard drive failure. Many technicians have equipment/gadgets that can rescue some of the data on the hard disk/drive even after the computer is dead.

Even if you have done your backup and deleted everything it always safer to remove the hard disk/drive and destroy it. Some will tell you that you wipe the hard drive clean (File Shredder) and then it’s safe to get rid of it. They are mostly right.

I have personally worked in the finance, insurance and tech industry. Any job that touched sensitive information required the IT department to remove the hard drive and completely destroy it to ensure full protection of client information. Wipes are not considered sufficient. I apply the same rules at home.

What does a hard disk/drive look like?

Hard Disk 4

The hard disk is easily identifiable when you know what you are looking for. It’s a metal box about the size of a hand. It’s usually metallic on one side and black on the other side.

If you have a heavy enough magnet, it can erase all data on the hard disk without physically destroying it.

If you have kids, have them take it apart. It is fascinating to see how things are built for inquisitive minds. It also takes away some of the mystery and the fear of technology, which is a great asset for the business world.

Where do I find the hard disk/drive?

I opened up a computer to show you where the hard disk is usually located. The hard disk is often held by 4 screws so you will need a screw driver to remove it. It also has some cables attached to it, don’t be afraid to break something. You are throwing away your computer, this is the time to explore and let your destructive side go wild!

Hard Disk 3

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