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Blog Post Categories. Like many bloggers, you aren’t sure what your categories should be at the beginning and you kind of make it up along the way. I’ve been blogging for about 6 months approximately and I am now starting to see what direction my blog is taking. It’s taken shape and continue to grow and develop naturally with each new blog post.

Now is the time to review the numerous blog post already published and clean up some of those categories. This exercise will probably to be repeated once I reach the year mark.

Most professional bloggers agree that having too many categories or tags can actually hurt your blog. If some categories don’t have many blogs, it makes it look like your site is light on content and search engines┬ádon’t like websites that don’t have good content. I am hoping that the exercise will show search engines that my blog is full of valuable and original content and help drive traffic.

This is a time-consuming process and it doesn’t have to happen all the same day. I am slowly going down my category list deciding which one are truly valuable and which one should be merged with another category or deleted if unused.


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