Being female doesn’t make you crazy

Women are neither more nor less “crazy” than men and yet, most women have been referred to as “crazy” at some point in their lives.

lady-1840348_1920“All women are crazy,” is a stereotype that isn’t new.  It’s a stereotype that was created for the most part by men, used to strike women’s speech, invalidating them, muzzling them, humiliating them. Centuries of muzzling and frustration.

The stereotype has even been used to lock them up and kill them.

The stereotype is used to raise doubt about the rationality of women and their capacity to act in the world as autonomous beings.

In relationships, this stereotype is used to disqualify women’s perceptions, reactions and emotions. As if the mere fact of not being perfectly in control at any time automatically snatched us from the category of rational beings.

girl-1718120_1920Women are navigating the world where they have to work harder to be recognised, where they are expected to do more unpaid work, where they are asked to be perfect at all levels and where they are more likely to be victims of violence for which they will be blamed for. The weight of sexism is heavy to bear.

What you might call crazy is actually a woman being passionate, being vocal. You can call her crazy, but you are wrong. She’s actually an inspiration. Women aren’t often heard unless we are loud and verbose and don’t stop talking until we know everyone is listening because oftentimes that’s the only way we’ll be heard at all.

“Silence is not an option because progress is never permanent.” – Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

We need to retire the false and revolting idea that women are crazier than men. There’s nothing wrong with calling a woman confident, strong, passionate and brave. You can also call her loud, obnoxious, unrelenting, but don’t call her crazy.


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