Funny moments in bilingualism

Funny moments in bilingualism. I thought you may appreciate this one. So I’m bilingual. My first language is French and my second is English. I did my early schooling in French and my higher education in English. I speak better in French but write much better in English. I read a lot, so I know a lot of words, but not necessarily how to pronounce them correctly.

people-2576376_1920One day, I catch the temporary receptionist looking at magazines. She wasn’t even hiding it. She was simply sitting there reading, while the mail sat unopened next to her. I warned her once and when I saw that she kept doing it, I reported her to human resources.

I got a mental block on the word fashion, so I told the┬áhuman resources manager that the receptionist was looking at “girly magazines” while sitting at the reception desk. She looked at me with such a shocked face, I knew something was wrong. I knew she shouldn’t be reading magazines at while working, but I didn’t think it was that horrible an offence either.

She made me repeat 3 times. The third time I explain, yes “girly magazines, you know dresses, shoes, makeup, etc.” and that’s when she burst into laughter. I didn’t understand what was wrong. That’s when she explained the term was actually “fashion magazines” and then told me “girly magazines” was pretty much porn. Oops! I was definitely┬ánot trying to imply that the receptionist was looking at naughty magazines while at the reception desk. lol.


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