The importance of insignificant moments

Good things about our lives are all around us. Most good experiences are relatively mild. Yet these seemingly insignificant moments can add up over time to change your brain for the better, but only if we take the time to savour them.

beauty-355157_1920We get many things done each day, and we make a difference to others. Unfortunately, most people hurry through their lives without noticing and absorbing what’s good about it. This is why we often wonder where to find happiness. We let it pass by without notice.

A coworker offered to take over some of my duties today because I’m obviously dealing with a lot much heavier workload than usual and she has some flexibility in her day. Taking a moment to appreciate her offer and how much stress it’s taking off my shoulders instead of rushing out to the next item on my ever growing to do list is important.

Consider stopping and smelling the roses, today and every day.



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