Making a Living

Would it be great if we lived in a society where company owners cared be about making a living and not making a fortune? Wouldn’t it be great if company profits were shared with all workers so that they can have a better life. All people are deserving to live above the poverty level.

online-shopping-1082727_1920I remember how strange it was to go to work, dressed up professionally, organising the Christmas Food Drive, as I did every year, knowing that that year I was getting a basket for my family because we were under the poverty level and we needed it to get through the holidays.

Imagine knowing an executive who doesn’t need to feed his ego with a salary 20 times or more that of the employees. Imagine, someone who owns a company andĀ thinks about the well being of their employees?

They probably have much better productivity, and will stick around longer not because they have but, but because they want to. Take care of your people and they will take care of you. A concept so simple it’s frightening that most companies greed gets in their own way of their success. If only more employers thought this way….


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