Memories of Barcelona, Spain

housewife-1565272_1920The early-19th-century Catalan architect Antoni Gaudi took cues from modern Gothic and oriental techniques to create organic, urban spaces in Barcelona. A walk around the incredibly beautiful city leads you through the largest concentration of ceramic and stained-glass mosaics, as well as his undulating stonework and ironwork.

We arrived at port during the afternoon siesta hours so we had to wait quite a bit of time simply walking down the empty and quiet streets for everyone to wake up and business to pick up again. It was incredibly peaceful and did give us time to truly admire the architecture and beauty without any crowds around.

While there we visited the Eros Museum and the Museum of Modern Art. The city is a perfect mix of history and art. I was in heaven.

We decided to stop at McDonald’s as we were craving “normal” food after so many days of fancy cuisine. Were we ever surprised when we saw a menu with so many healthy choices and a wine list! Let’s just say that many years after this trip I am still dreaming that local McDonald’s will bring these ideas here, but it doesn’t look like it will ever happen.


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