Tips to reduce stress at work

Genuine, positive connections with other people at work are your best guarantee for lowering your levels of stress and improving your concentration and focus because they release the pleasure-inducing hormone oxytocin into your bloodstream.

office-336368_1920The key is genuine and positive connections. As a computer support person, helping people day in and day out is what my work is all about and yet, stress can get really bad. The reason for this is that interactions aren’t always genuine or positive.

I can’t begin to tell you how many times people come to me frustrated about something that doesn’t work. I fixed the issue and people complain about the time lost, or about technology in general and forget to say thank you or to feel happy that it’s now working again.

Once in a while, someone will be genuinely happy or will realize that whatever they’re dealing with can’t be worse than being the person dealing with absolutely everyone’s issues. Making a point to be grateful for these genuine and positive connections and to show gratitude in return stops the negative cycle and replace it with a positive environment. Having an attitude of gratitude is a total game changer.

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