Between the screen and the chair

Some computer problems are easier than others to solve.

I am an absolute fan of the IT crowd. The first time I watch this episode, I was laughing so much my ribs were hurting. As tech support, I can genuinely say, I’ve had days exactly like this one.

I thought I would share some comedic adventures of my own.

Beautiful Lights

A month after we changed our old office phones for new ones…

Manager: I think you should do a training on the phone system. My team don’t know how to transfer calls.

Me: No problem, but the phone company gave a training when we installed the phones. I also gave a refresher training a week later. Transfering calls work exactly the same way as it did with our older system. It should be simple enough to remember.

Manager: But there are lights on the phone now and people get distracted. They touch them and they lose the call.

Me: … Fine. I’ll do a training.

  • Don’t touch the lights.
  • Resist temptation.
  • We are all adults here, not flies.

The Mysterious Case of the Screaming Computer

Client: My computer is screaming at me! Help!

Me: Have you tried turning down your speakers?

Client: What are you talking about? My computer isn’t making any sounds!

Me: Then how is it screaming at you?

Client: It’s writing only with capital letters!

Me: Click Caps Locks.

Client: I don’t have that.

Me: It’s on the keyboard, under Tab.

Client: Oh! Who put that there?! That wasn’t there yesterday.

The I know it all

Client: The phone application on my cell said there was a newer version of the application to download. I did it and now it’s not working.

Me: What’s the first rule about downloading that the office has?

Client: Don’t download. Ask first.

Me: …

Client: I know technology. I don’t need help.

Me: …

Client: So can you fix it?

Same client, one hour later…

Client: I changed my program to be in French and I hate it. I can’t remember what I did to change it. Can you fix it?

Moral: If you don’t know what you are doing, don’t.


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