The fight for a better world starts at home

The fight for a better world starts at home. The fight for a better world doesn’t need to tackle the entire world at once. It should actually start at home, even if sometimes that is where we will meet the most resistance.

hands-1950985_1920Start by being the change you want to see in the world. I would think that living honestly and speaking up for those who can’t would be the first step to creating a better world.

I’m thinking of conversations I’ve had with some family members, especially from the older generation who grew up in another era and are having issues catching up. They are amazing and kind people, but they simply lack information that opens ones eyes to the struggles of others. That is why I always speak up. I share the knowledge that I have. I try to keep an open mind and keep learning everyday.

If I fail to get through one day to someone who simply isn’t open to hearing another point of view at that moment, I redouble my efforts at another moment to convince friends, family, and neighbours to build the world we want for ourselves and future generations.

Activism can be as simple as when you hear someone at home or out with friends and family say something racist, speak up. Being confronted by someone you love is a powerful tool. They may not be ready to hear what you have to say at that time, but it will stick with them and they will reflect one it.  Sometimes people have more to work on before they can have a reasoned discussion.


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