Top 10 Blog Articles (Oct. 2017)

Revisiting the Top 10 blogs from October 2017:

1ST PLACEDepression & Anxiety Pills – Busting Myths

“Taking pills for me is the equivalent of using an umbrella. You still have to walk in the rain, but the walk is a little easier and more comfortable when you use an umbrella. Yes, you can choose to walk in the rain without an umbrella, but the journey will be much tougher.”

2ND PLACEIntroverts & Birthday Wishes

“Most introverts are okay with quietly honouring our birthday on our own or with a group of friends we’ve carefully selected. We don’t have to let the world know, unfortunately, we don’t always get this wish.”

*Moved up from 7th place

3rd Place: Memories of Barcelona, Spain

“The early-19th-century Catalan architect Antoni Gaudi took cues from modern Gothic and oriental techniques to create organic, urban spaces in Barcelona. A walk around the incredibly beautiful city leads you through the largest concentration of ceramic and stained-glass mosaics, as well as his undulating stonework and ironwork.”

I found that the people and community were similar to Montreal, Canada. I really enjoyed my time there.

4th Place: I had multiple miscarriages

“Over a decade ago, I had multiple miscarriages over the course of a few short years.”

5th Place: Chronic Illness & Exulansis

“If you have a chronic illness or an invisible illness, you have probably tried to explain what you are going through to people only to find out that they are unable to relate. You can read hundreds of post and online comments that will all say the same thing. People have a difficult time understanding what they have never experienced.”

6th Place: Teachers can combat sexism

“Teachers have such a huge impact on their students’ lives. They have the ability and the responsibility to combat sexism.”

7th Place: I’m struggling


“I am strong. I am brave. I am fierce. I am worthy. I am all these things. I am also struggling.

Depression is difficult. I cry when no one is looking. I cry sitting at my desk at work. I cry at home. I know that if I bottle it up, the outburst will be much worse. Depression is bad. Anxiety is just as damaging. I am struggling with depression and anxiety because they usually come hand in hand, I am not weak. I am strong for moving forward. I try to remember that I am brave for working through this, and I am worthy of love and support from the people around me and from myself. Afterall, we are our own worst enemies. We tend to put ourselves to higher standards than everyone else around.”

8th Place: Initiation vs. Hazing

Initiation is defined as a rite of passage marking entrance or acceptance into a group or society. Hazing is defined as humiliating and sometimes dangerous initiation rituals.”


9th Place: How depression can ruin good days

“We went on an excursion to Quebec City. My husband wanted to visit a fellow gamer that lives outside the city and we planned for a picknick near the water or in a pretty park. I had been looking forward to the road trip all week. I needed to get out of the house, to do something fun.

We had some additional time and my husband wanted to visit La Citadel Museum. It’s the only part of the city he hasn’t seen yet and he’s a big history buff as I am. The only problem is that my chronic illness showed up early and fast. Just walking from the parking to the old port had taken all my energy and my body was screaming with pain.”

10th Place: Memories of Mykonos, Greece

“I was really looking forward to visiting Mykonos, Greece. As an art history and archaeology student, there was a museum of archaeology I really wanted to see for myself.


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