Memories of Mdina, Malta

Steeped in history, Malta’s 3 inhabited islands are an incredible attraction to history buffs. It also offers visitors the perfect mix of relaxation, discovery, and adventure. It’s one of the most interesting places I have had the pleasure to visit.

wall-1247670_1920The island of Gozo

The island is bathed in sunshine nearly every day. It is known for it’s heritage sites. Hikes up to cliffs that overlook the Mediterranean. A breathtaking view. Walk at your pace through Malta’s historic neighbourhoods. It is fascinating and beautiful.

On the main island, take the time to visit Mdina, Malta, also known as the silent city. Mdina is an ancient walled city with a mix of
medieval and baroque architecture. No cars are allowed within the walls of the city. It is easy to imagine yourself travelling back through time when walking down the narrow streets.

One recommendation I would make anyone planning a day trip on the main island: bring toilet paper. Public bathroom don’t have any and people sell toilet paper by the square nearby which will cost you.


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