Time to turn back the clocks

Before going to bed on the night of November 4 to 5, 2017, do not forget to move your clocks back by one hour. Yes, it’s that time of year again. Time to turn back the clocks.

The original idea behind the Daylight Saving Time (DST) was to save energy and make better use of daylight. It was first used in 1908 in Thunder Bay, Canada.

I personally am wondering why we can’t just all agree to move the time 30 minutes forward or backwards depending on the time of year we do it and leave it there. The change of time has been proven to have an effect on some peoples’ sleep patterns and their internal clocks, which then, of course, has other consequences. It’s also has shown to cause more heart attack and car accidents.The early morning time change is meant to minimize disruptions to daily life, but it doesn’t work for everyone. 

Here is what Discovery News have to say about Daylight Saving Time:

If you are lucky, this time change will give you an extra hour of sleep in the night from Saturday to Sunday, November 5, 2017, but on the other hand, the sun will go down earlier now in the evening, a sign that winter is not very far away.

The time change does benefit some businesses. All establishments that hold a bar, restaurant or club permit will have an extra hour to sell or serve alcoholic beverages, since at 3:00 am, it will actually be 2 am.

Also, a quick reminder that the time change is an opportunity to change the batteries in your smoke alarms and carbon monoxide. For us, it also means changing the oil and putting on the winter tires.


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