Learning Disabilities

When we have a child that doesn’t have a learning disability and he/she has good grades at school, we are happy and proud parents. When that child does what we ask him/her to do, we are happy and proud parents. It’s normal, as parents to be happy and proud of our children’s successes.

When you have a child that has a learning disability, understanding and applying new skills takes longer than other children. The process is complicated, it frustrating, it’s harder for the child and the parent to be happy. Doing homework and studying can be nightmarish. That child can see that it is easier for other children and feel angry that it takes them so much more effort and time to get the same grades. Teachers can sometimes be dismissive of children’s struggles and anxieties adding to the stress.

For all children who struggle every day to succeed, there is one thing that parents of “normal” children can do. We can teach these kids to be kind and accepting of all classmates.  Children with special needs are not strange and shouldn’t be laughed at or bullied. They want the same things that others ask: to be happy and to flourish.


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