Health Benefits of Pets

Logging some time with your furry friends is proven to help you feel happier. So play fetch with your dog/cat or sneak in a few cuddles with your dog/cat. It will make both of you feel happier. Actually, pets are scientifically known to improve well-being and improve mental health.

Animals offer a kind of companionship that doesn’t drain our energy by expecting constant conversation. They replenish us by offering comfort beyond words.


I got a cat a year ago and never regretted it. Cats and introverts have a lot in common. They prefer to deal with things in their own heads. I love being able to lie down or sit on the couch all day when I am feeling poorly and have her curl up next to me. She is content to just sit with me.

She can be quirky and weird sometimes which never fails to make me laugh even when I’m feeling terrible or depressed. Not a day goes by that I do not laugh at least once at the hilarious antics of my cat. Laughter really is great medicine. It’s definitely a great stress reliever.

According to science, cats can help you live longer. Cat purrs have shown to promote healing and I believe it. There’s nothing more soothing than hearing a cat purr.  Apparently, the vibration from purring has the potential to be medically therapeutic, which can help with pain relief.

Research also indicates that stroking a pet can help lower blood pressure and cholesterol.



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