Never give up trying

Most things worth having don’t come easy. We have all wondered if it’s worth it or if we are simply wasting our time. Don’t give up trying. You could be near to your goal and never know it.

lost-2607118_1920I always give an example from my life about giving up too early. I was supposed to be joining friends at a restaurant in the metropolis. I was going there by public transport. I had never been comfortable travelling by bus because of bad experiences in my childhood. I was following instructions, but when I got off the bus, I couldn’t find the right street. I walked up and down numerous streets before giving up and calling my dad to come pick me up. By then I was in a panic and thought I would never find my way. He came by car and had to turn around on the next street to head back home. Guess what? There was the restaurant I was looking for. One street over from where I was. I was so close to my destination, but I was convinced that I was nowhere near it.

“Never give up trying to do what you really want to do. Where there are love and inspiration you can not go wrong.” – Unknown


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