The smell of spring

The first thing that hit me was the smell of spring and nature of the seasonal area. It was filled with plants, flower and even palm trees! I immediately felt a wave of well-being and I was hooked. Too bad I kill all plants no matter how much I try to take care of them.

While walking through the dreamlike area, I get a text from my bestie telling me she has invested in a travel agent course to get her license and that she’s looking forward to planning our next trip.

Of course, this is what I replied: Will it be better than standing in the palm tree area at Rona Depot?

Bestie: What did you pick up at Rona?

Me: We went to Rona Depot to get bolts (we lost) to put up our tempo shelter in the rain (because we waited to the last minute).

Bestie: Yuck. Stay close to the palm trees.

Me: That’s the plan. They frown upon people staying after store hours. 🙁

Bestie: LOL. You are infringing on their turf. That’s scary to normal folk. They frighten easily.

Me: LOL. I wanted to bring my bathing suit and a tanning chair. They really would be scared then.

Best: OMG gasp!

Take a moment to laugh and enjoy the small moments. Spring in November soothed my heart in that moment.


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