The first thing that hit me was the smell of spring and nature of the seasonal area. It was filled with plants, flower and even palm trees! I immediately felt a wave of wellbeing and I was hooked. Too bad I kill all plants no matter how much I try to take care of them.

While walking through the dreamlike area, I get a text from my bestie telling me she has invested in a travel agent course to get her license and that she’s looking forward to planning our next trip.

Of course, this is what I replied: Will it be better than standing in the palm tree area at Rona Depot?

Bestie: What did you pick up at Rona?

Me: We went to Rona Depot to get bolts (we lost) to put up our tempo shelter in the rain (because we waited to the last minute).

Bestie: Yuck. Stay close to the palm trees.

Me: That’s the plan. They frown upon people staying after store hours. 😦

Bestie: LOL. You are infringing on their turf. That’s scary to normal folk. They frighten easily.

Me: LOL. I wanted to bring my bathing suit and a tanning chair. They really would be scared then.

Best: OMG gasp!

Take a moment to laugh and enjoy the small moments. Spring in November soothed my heart in that moment.