International Coffee Day!

coffee-563797_1920Today marks International Coffee Day! It’s an occasion not to be missed if you love coffee! Hey, any excuse is good to get that additional cup in your system. Am I right? 

I started drinking coffee late in life. For the longest time, my stomach couldn’t handle the bitterness of coffee even if hidden by milk, cream or/and sugar.

Taking a first aid course one day, I ended up having multiple asthma attacks in class, because of the harsh chemical they use to disinfect the practice dummies.  The plastic kind, not the students. 😛 The teacher who was a retired doctor gave me coffee. I don’t know why, but his coffee was the best I ever tasted and it helped bring my asthma under control. He suggested I speak to my doctor about it.

Guess what? Coffee was actually prescribed by my doctor as it helps with asthma, migraines and staying awake. Three things I struggle with. (Oh wait, first signs of Graves Disease right there missed once again.) Coffee also increases brain flow and improves functionality. What’s not to like about that? 

I still struggle with the bitterness of coffee. I personally prefer flavoured coffee like vanilla or mocha. On mornings like today, when things don’t roll as easily, a warm cup of coffee simply makes it possible for me to get through the day.

There are many loved ones who have teased me about my love of coffee, saying that I don’t truly love coffee since I prefer French Vanilla or Moka coffee. I don’t care about what they say, my love affair is still strong and everyone is allowed to be their unique self.

“Today, I’m drinking my coffee straight from the carafe. Don’t judge. We all do whatever it takes to stay our of prison.” – Unknown

The first thing I did this morning when I got to work is prepared myself a cup of coffee. I have a full day ahead of me and I have a feeling I will be celebrating this day with numerous cups.

In the past, there used to be coworkers actually waiting for me at the door with their questions, technical problems, etc. Sometimes I even got texts on my cell phone from people before I even got to work asking me to fix a problem on their computer or begging for me to see them first. Talk about working in a stressful environment!

They have since learned the hard way to wait for me to drink that first coffee and let me actually arrive at work before tracking me down.

“My biggest contribution to workplace safety is having a cup of coffee in the morning.”


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