Top 10 Chronic Illness Wish-list

In a perfect world where it is easy to have all of the material comforts that one dreams of without worrying about cost, this would be my wish-list:

  1. I would love to have the Gravity Blanket for me and for my kids. It’s a blanket that was engineered to alleviate stress, anxiety and promote sleep.
  2. I would love to have a vacuum dustpan. Due to chronic pain and illness, I often have a lot of difficulties bending down to pick up things on the floor.
  3. I would love to have a robotic mop. It would have to be used once the vacuum is passed since we have a dog that loses a lot of fur nonstop, but anything that cleans for me or with me while I spend my energy elsewhere, that’s great!
  4. I would Shiatsu massaging seat cushion for full body relief. I have a small massaging cushion and it helps a lot, but only in one small spot at a time. I would love to spend some time with one of these seat covers
  5. Leschi Warming Pillow for muscle tension which is a classic symptom of anxiety disorders which I have. My neck and shoulders can hurt like hell. This heated warming pillow would help loosen the muscles and reduce the ache and save my husband from having to do a shoulder/neck massage every time.
  6. Bluetooth noise cancelling headphones to help with anxiety and lose myself in music.
  7. The Terry Lift which would make it easier to go downstairs when my legs won’t support me or hurting too much to deal with stairs.
  8. The BiKN Tracking Device for Keys and Phone because I’m always looking for my keys or my phone.

  9. Tardis colouring books for those days when I am stuck in bed for the day.
  10. Turn my bed into a geek’s domain with these TARDIS sheets. Simply because I pass a lot of time in bed and making it a place that makes me feel at home is important.

    What items do you wish you could afford to make your life better if money wasn’t an issue anymore?  


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