Major global issue

Accessible and affordable electricity is a major global issue. The solutions to this issue are out there.

There are many companies that have come up with alternative methods that is both good for the environment, accessible and affordable.

Turbine can be designed to minimize the impact on the aquatic fauna and its habitat.

marble-393357_1920The more we talk about these options, the more the general public is informed, the more pressure there will be for the government to look at these option and stop energy monopoly.

There is an innovative turbine that can harvest green energy in currents as low as 3.2 km/h. This means it could be used in almost any river, canal or ocean current. This technology by Waterotor Energy Technology as been around for 5 years already.

There is a river turbine that is quiet, reliable and eco-friendly. This turbine is easy to install and can be shipped anywhere in the world. This is another turbine that offers a good alternative to gas generators. This technology by idénergie is Canadian made.


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