The Autistic brain

People also forget the Autistic brain is an amazing one. Many people on the autism spectrum are above average intelligence and ability to learn some skills far more easily than other people. Their brain just functions differently than the socially acceptable norm.

groom-453953_1920The fact that someone would rather watch their children die of measles, mumps, rubella, whooping cough, influenza, diphtheria, cholera or any of the perfectly preventable diseases just because they don’t want them to be “messed up” is fucking disgusting. Ableism is a hell of a thing.
It makes you think a sick and/or dead child is better than one who’s brain is a little different than normal.

Autistic people are not broken and need no cure. Nor do they need to be this demonised.

I’d much rather have an autistic child than a dead child. I know and love autistic people, and the only thing wrong with autism is the way it’s treated.


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