Blended Families & How they change your life

18740150_1686399358054095_1132645254378995548_nMy family is complicated by some people’s standards. I have a child from a previous marriage and my husband has two children from a previous marriage. My biological child has two older siblings who are now adults and two siblings by marriage. Sounds simple to me.

One thing that you learn when you become a blended family is DNA doesn’t make families, love does and parenting is more than blood, it’s a series of actions. Our children are lucky to have so many adults in their lives who love and guide them.

“DNA doesn’t make a family, love does.” – The Fosters

As stepparents, we are well aware that we are not our stepchildren’s mother or father. We are also well aware that we are a support system to the biological parents.

Parenting is difficult enough in itself. We should all stop competing and judging and just be there for each other. Nothing can stop a family that works together.


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