Guidance Counsellor

I attended a French high school. When I expressed my wish to attend English CEGEP, my high school guidance counsellor told me that my grades were too low and I should instead content myself with secretarial school. He predicted that I would fall flat on my face and fail. He also informed me that there were no English CEGEP in the region. Looking downward in an attempt to control my anger, I saw an envelope in the trash can with 4 English CEGEP names and addresses in the area. I grabbed the envelope and left.

graduation-2038864_1920I ended up choosing one of those 4 CEGEP and it was the greatest experience of my life. My grade went up because I was suddenly interested in the subjects I was studying. I got 100% in one class and passed another one after handing in a voluntary assignment that showed the teacher I already knew the subject inside and out.

Never take the pessimism of another human being, even one that is paid to guide you. Go for what makes you passionate and you will succeed.


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