The law is not a compass for what’s morally right

The law is not a compass for what’s morally right. It wasn’t that long ago the law supported slavery, rape-marriage, and child labour. There are still many laws that shouldn’t exist anymore, that still go against basic human rights.

Part of the issue is that the individual who creates and votes for these laws are flawed human beings like the rest of us and some more than others. They are influenced by their own prejudices, religious beliefs and entitlement.

The fact that our society is quick to defend offenders and attack victims does not help either. For example, a woman shares her story of harassment. It doesn’t matter what the story is. Each time, it is the same reactions. People jump to the defence of the other party and find all kinds of ways to make it her fault.

If the law doesn’t protect us or if the law takes away our human rights, shouldn’t we stand together to change it? Why do so many people follow the law without even questioning the lack of morality?

Humanity is in a sad state when you would happily justify deliberately hurting someone simply physically or emotionally because it isn’t against the law.

“Just because our culture normalises what’s wrong doesn’t make it right.” – Unknown

Unfortunately, I see way too often when it comes to women’s rights or black lives matter. Every time I see the overwhelming replies justifying injustices, it only confirms to me that each one of you truly believes women and people of different races deserve what’s coming to them just by existing in a public sphere.

Rather than requiring men not harass and intimidate women in public, or giving true sanctions to policemen who target innocent people due to the colour of their skin, we require women and minorities to tolerate being harassed, stalked, and photographed by strangers.

“Okay, stand back, I’m about to lose my shit.” – Frankie & Grace

girls-1031538_1920Some people go as far as saying that any women and minorities choosing to walk in public have to accept that she will be harassed. They feel so entitled to public spaces that they actually they own it and can do whatever they want without fear of reprisal. They are literally and publically stating that if women and minorities don’t like it, they can simply stay inside their homes. Are you kidding me?!

So it makes me wonder if everyone pointing out legalities over morality are also those that would rape, murder and steal if only it were legal.

“When injustice becomes law, resistance becomes duty.” – Thomas Jefferson

I hate using this example because women should be respected as human beings not have daughters, wives and sisters, but some people only understand under these terms. Imagine if your daughter was volunteering at a school event and a stranger started taking pictures of her. Imagine if he kept taking picture of her even after she asked him to stop. How would you feel about it?

Imagine how she would feel. Would she be anxious about it for a very long time wondering what this strange man would do with her photos? I know I would be. Would she feel attacked and invaded? I would. 

The point shouldn’t be whether or not it is legal for someone to take a picture without her consent or if she could legally make him delete the photo. The point is that he took those photos for creepy and inappropriate reasons. Would you really be okay with a random stranger following you and taking pictures of you? Would you really be okay with a stranger keeping photos of you on their phone? Do people not see the creepiness in that?

I speak about harassment because it is a subject that I have personal knowledge on, but it is not the only example that law doesn’t equal moral. There have been laws that have made it legal to be racist, that has made sexual orientation illegal, laws that have put lives in danger. I highly recommend you read the following story:


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