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There is great value in investing in a phone system that enables you and your employee to be reached via one phone number.

using-device-1577035_1920Phone systems nowadays can do much more than they could just a few years ago. I currently have a direct line, which can ring both on my work phone and my cell phone, so I’m reachable during work hours, no matter where I am. If you work both from at a business location and at home, you can have a physical phone at both locations┬áthat you simply log into with that same direct line number.

This means that all phone calls are recorded regardless of where the conversation is happening. With our prior phone system, only calls originating or received on the office phone were recorded. Any conversation happening on cell phones weren’t being recorded and that caused potential liability issues, especially for sale representative on the road all day.

The application on my cell phone enables me to change my voicemail message at the touch any of my fingers, listen to voicemails and forward them to a coworker if needed. There’s even a chat feature should I need information from the office while I’m on the phone with a client.

The only downside with these VOIP systems is that there tend to be cluster drops while talking. It’s like when two people try to talk at the same time using walkie-talkies. Having a dedicated VOIP line with enough bandwidth helps reduce this issue.


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