It’s okay to say no

It’s okay to say no. It’s okay not to want to have sex. It doesn’t matter with whom. It doesn’t matter at what time or in what context you say no.  It doesn’t matter how often you say no. You aren’t boring or a prude.

Your consent is necessary at all times. This applies to everyone without exception regardless of whether you are single, dating, in a serious relationship or married.

couple-2158306_1920You always have the right to refuse any advances. You have the right to demands or anything that doesn’t suit you, for whatever reasons. Don’t be afraid to listen to your instincts.

The number of times someone consents to sex has absolutely nothing to do with the one time they don’t consent or can’t consent.

If sexual intercourse has already begun, you can always stop along the way if you realize that you don’t want to or no longer want to. Your partner may be disappointed, but he or she is able to stop and is required to. All sexual partners must be consenting at all times.

You owe nothing to anyone and you have absolutely no obligation to anybody. You do not have to be accountable or to justify yourself on the state of your emotions and desires. Again, this applies to everyone without exception regardless of whether you are single, dating, in a serious relationship or married.

Your feelings, your will and your consent belong to you and are legitimate. Everyone must respect them. There are no exceptions here. There is no justification for insisting, compelling, manipulating or guilting a person into doing something they aren’t ready or unwilling to do. Going against the feelings, the will, the consent of others is aggression.

adult-1867535_1920We must stop this rape culture, this slut-shaming or prude-shaming, this promotion of compulsory sexuality for all as the only acceptable situation. We must change the narrative to remind people that they have rights over their own body and their own feelings.

Your sexuality and/or your abstinence and/or your asexuality are valid and respectable. You are valid and respectable at all times with no exceptions, regardless of the situation. If anyone makes you feel otherwise, they are not good people and the best thing you can do is walk away from them without looking back.

Sexual harassment has been experienced by a majority of women and it’s unacceptable.  It’s time for that to end! Let’s teach girls that they are not weak and boys that rape is not an option.


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